Sheep Air Charter

Pre-flight planning and preparation

We undertake an extensive pre-planning regime ahead of every flight, to ensure all aspects are taken care of. We can coordinate with handling agents and airlines, supply stalls and penning, and work with local ground staff to ensure the correct measures are in place when loading and unloading to ensure a swift and smooth delivery.

We work closely with owners to make sure vaccinations are complete in plenty of time ahead of the flight, and that all paperwork and permits are in place.

Market-leading Equipment

The safety of each and every animal is integral to the design and development of the equipment (such as stalls and penning) that we utilise. We can provide custom-built stalls and penning to suit your livestock needs.

When transporting smaller livestock such as sheep, swine, and poultry, crates can be constructed with one, two, and three levels on some aircraft, depending on the size of the animals.

The transportation process taken care of

We work closely with airlines and handling agents to manage all aspects of the transportation process. We can offer advice on quarantine procedures, permits, and required documentation, including the origin and ownership, place of departure and destination, and Animal Transport Certification.

Our global flight support division, Wings 24, are on hand 24/7/365 and can assist with arranging permits, international protocol for the transportation of livestock, as well as ground handling and clearances. they also provide flight planning and monitoring to anticipate any potential challenges that may arise and resolve before they impact the smooth operation of the flight.

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